qAlert: Microsoft extending InfoPath support window

Viva La InfoPath!

For Ten More Years…

On Wednesday, 1/20/2016, Microsoft announced SharePoint Server 2016 was almost ready for release. The announcement shed light on the InfoPath and SharePoint Designer support stories.
Is Microsoft now listening to the overwhelming concern in the community? Yes. Support will be extended for both from 2023 to 2026, to match the support lifecycle for SharePoint Server 2016.

So, that’s good news. InfoPath Designer will be supported for another ten years. Your solutions are safe for now. Qdabra is here to help you maintain your investment today and plan a low cost migration path for tomorrow.

Mary Foley summarizes here. For all of the details, you can dig through the Microsoft FAQs included with the SharePoint Server 2016 announcement.

Viva La InfoPath!

  1. Geoff TalbotGeoff Talbot06-10-2016

    Interesting update. Do you know if they will be making any significant improvements to it?

    I imagine the Infopath Alternatives like Turbo from Emgage: will still be necessary unless their update is completely transformative and user friendly in an un-microsoft way?


    • Patrick HalsteadPatrick Halstead08-02-2016

      No updates. Microsoft is working on PowerApps and Flow which they hope to replace some of the InfoPath functionality with but need to wait for more features. Hopefully, by end-of-2016 we’ll have some compelling real-world demos. Like a leave request form or a timesheet. What they have show so far is silly stuff like posting to twitter feeds. Dropdowns and other controls also need to bind to secondary data. Still not easy in PowerApps.

      Check out Qdabra’s FormsViewer too. It’s the only pure migration path for InfoPath forms today and it extends them. Plus it’s free. We’re launching v1.2 in September with support for Rich Text and People Picker plus faster performance. And FormsViewer already supports qRules extensions!

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