Can’t locate your forms? Assess your site with the eForm Site Scanner and never lose track of them again!

As your SharePoint site grows it can become difficult to keep track of where all your InfoPath forms are stored. With the Site Scanner, from Qdabra Software, you can find all your InfoPath templates and resources at the click of a button, view data on your forms without even using InfoPath, and get insight into the usage of forms on your site, as well as summary statistics for each form’s key features.

The Site Scanner app provides a detailed snapshot of how full your site currently is. If you add or delete from your site, you can refresh the scan to see updated statistics. It’s that simple: just install the Site Scanner App on your Office 365 site, and you’re ready to go!

Site Scanner App

Are you uncertain as to how many forms you have on SharePoint? Do you feel that there are improvements that could be made to your form, but you’re not exactly sure? Are you looking at migration, but don’t know which technology would be most compatible with your current solution? Use the Site Scanner App to analyze your SharePoint site for existing InfoPath forms, view details about each form, and determine possible migration options.

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  • SharePoint Online (O365)
  • IE9+ or the latest version of Chrome/FireFox/Safari

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