Technology Matrix

Quick guide on your options and how to find the right path for you

Solution Benefits Limitations Cost to Migrate Cost to Maintain
 infopath_L InfoPath All-in-one free forms solution Not supported after 2023 $
 SharePoint_logo_2013 SharePoint Lists Simple and easy to use Clunky UI, no form logic $ $
 Access2013 Access Online Strong data structure Fixed UI, no programmability $$ $
 Excel2013 Excel Surveys Fast and easy surveys Simple and not scalable $
 GoogleForms Google Forms Wide extensibility No logic $
 Formotus Formotus Mobile apps, offline No browser support $ $-$$
 K2 K2 Smart Forms Powerful, cloud integration No offline $-$$$ $$
 PDF Shareforms PDF Share Forms PDF format, ShP integration SharePoint only $$ $$
 Nintex Nintex Forms Mobile and Cloud Limited features $$ $$
 ServBus_Icon ServBus Browser and mobile forms New technology, no offline $ $$
 WuFoo_Icon Wufoo Forms Web-based and growing Simple forms $$ $
 pistachio-logo-S Pistachio Connects multiple lists Limited rules and logic $-$$ $
 infowise_logo_S Infowise Ultimate Forms In-browser Editor Limited to SharePoint Lists $$ $-$$
 Qdabra_Icon Qdabra FormsViewer Browser support, qRules SharePoint 2013 only $
 surveymonkey Survey Monkey Professional surveys Simple surveys $$ $$
 ardevia Ardevia Rich Forms O365 app Performance, Lack of Field Formatting, $ $
 turbo logo Emgage Turbo Cross platform codeless apps $$ $

($=1k, $$=10k, $$$=100k)

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