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  • SharePoint Online (O365)
  • IE9+ or the latest version of Chrome/FireFox/Safari

Release Notes

V1.23: November 16, 2016

  • SortTable command implemented
  • Data connections now can query rich text from SharePoint list connections
  • People Picker now supports querying distribution lists
  • Fixed an issue where Web service connections could fail sometimes

V1.22: October 31, 2016

  • Clone existing forms – support for querying XML across site collections
  • Performance – reduce form load times by 25-50%
  • Rich text box – reduce bulky controls
  • Date Picker issues – fix incorrect display of date
  • View spacing issues – fix layout issues

V1.21: September 29, 2016

  • Submit data from your form to one or more SharePoint lists/libraries
  • Save attachments to a document library and replace with URLs
  • Copy repeating data from a secondary data connection
  • Copy rich text from and to SharePoint
  • Pass a parameter from one form to another
  • Submit your form to separate libraries depending on form values
  • Dynamically change data connections after load so one XSN can be deployed to multiple sites (without fixup)
  • Easily integrate with Qdabra’s Azure Web service (DBXL)

V1.2: August 28, 2016

  • Faster Form Loads – ~30% faster
  • Improved dashboard with drag-and-drop publish, diagnostics, and other enhancements
  • On Prem support – SharePoint 2013 with Active Directory
  • New controls – support for Rich Text and People Picker controls (with a few limitations)
  • More qRules – additional support or over 40 commands
  • Deployment tools to help automate config changes to multiple sub-sites

V1.1: September 2015

New Features

  • SharePoint list and library filtering
  • Web service calls
  • qRules commands – 24 qRules commands are supported.
    • DateDiff – calculate difference between two dates
    • SubmitToSharePointList / RefreshSharePointListItems
      – maps data to a list
    • GetInputParameter – pass data to a form via the open URL and use it on load
    • SwapDom – store forms in a database and use SwapDom to load them on open based on an input parameter
    • Transform – map a large amount of data into the form based on an XSLT transform file
    • GenerateGuid – create a unique ID for your form
    • DeleteFromSharePoint – delete files from SharePoint
    • SetValue – set a value in a table based on a filter
    • Insert – programmatically insert items into a repeating table or section (enables picture button add for rows)
    • Delete – programmatically delete items from a repeating table or section
    • and also ChangeConnectionUrl, CopyTable, GetFormProperty, GetXML, InsertPI, JsonToXml, MakeRequest, RemoveDbxlPi, RemovePi, SetCase, SetDefultView, SubmitToDbxl, Transform, XmlToJson.
  • Anonymous submit – support external users who may not have access to your internal SharePoint site

V1: July 2014


  • Textboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Calculated Values
  • Datepickers (partial support)
  • Repeating tables/sections – allows adding rows to the end, but not deleting or inserting between rows
  • Layout tables
  • Rule buttons
  • Submit buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Enhanced Date Picker New
  • Picture Attachments New
  • Insert/Delete function on repeating sections New
  • Custom Title Column New

Data Connections

  • SharePoint library submit data connections
  • SharePoint library submit data connections
  • Open existing documents
  • Query resource file xml
  • Query SharePoint Lists
  • Load data from secondary data source on form load
  • Filtering SharePoint list connections New


  • Conditional visibility/formatting – hide and show sections of your form
  • Static images
  • Background images/colors
  • Close the form New


  • Assignment rules
  • Expression popups
  • Switch views
  • Execute SharePoint submit
  • Default values – Partial support
  • Improved 2DS functionality – rules and values that function from 2DS field
  • Form Load rules New
  • userName New


  • O365 app
  • SharePoint 2013 app New
  • SharePoint 2013 Foundation (available on request) New

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