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  • Display, edit, submit, filter, and work with your forms in your browser
  • No migration cost – your InfoPath designed forms continue to work as is
  • No license cost – we provide a free app but also have plans for high-usage
  • No SharePoint Enterprise license required (use the ShP Foundation to save cost)
  • Qdabra support – we built it and we are here to support it


  • SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 only
  • No designer currently – users still have to use InfoPath Designer to build forms
  • No support for people pickers – we recommend changing these to use GetUserProfileService or userName()
  • No support for digital signatures – we recommend using Qdabra’s electronic signature control

Cost to Migrate

  • Some changes to forms if features are not supported

Cost to Maintain

  • FormsViewer App is free for now

We Recommend

For multi-view forms that submit to SharePoint, we recommend FormsViewer app


  • O365, SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Foundations 2013
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Qdabra is the maker of this free app, and will continue to update the app with users’ input.
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